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Shrimp Bait Formula

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Here is the perfect shrimp bait concoction - all credit to Johns Sporting Goods for the following recipe and see the attached image for an illustration on how to also set up your new shrimp pot.


- Fries Ocean White Fish w/ Tuna canned cat food

- Bumble Bee canned Mackerel

- Super Bait Prawn Bait pellets or Copper River Prawn Pellets

- Pro Cure Shrimp Attractant Oil or Copper River Prawn Oil

- 6" bait barrel

The idea of mixing all these ingredients together is to set up a scent trail to attract shrimp to your shrimp pot. Once the shrimp are near your pot, there is a good chance that they will want to enter the post and feed on the mackerel and pellets. the cat food and the Pro Cure shrimp oil will quickly leach out of the pot and attract shrimp. The pellets and the Mackerel will keep the shrimp in the pot once they get inside. You can see the purpose of the different ingredients.

Some people like to mix all the ingredients together and freeze the mixture in a large bait barrel. They put the frozen mixture in the pot and let it un-thaw while the pot is working. Some people will add ground up fish to the mixture and other will add dry cat food (Friskies Seafood Sensation).


1) Put 3 cups of Super Bait Shrimp bait pellets in a zip lock bag and add 1 cup of Pro Cure shrimp attractant oil in the zip lock bag. Soak the pellets for one hour before shrimping.

2) After the pellets soak for one hour, put the pellets in the 6" bait barrel. Hang the bait barrel from the inside of the shrimp pot.

3) Poke holes in one can of Mackerel and insert the can in the center bait compartment in the shrimp pot.

4) Poke holes in 2 cans of Friskies Ocean White Fish w/ tuna and insert the cans in the center bait compartment in the shrimp pot.

5) Lets the shrimp pot over board and soak the pot for 45-60 minutes.

Each time you let the shrimp pot out and retrieve it, you need to replace the canned cat food. It pretty much washes out of the cans fairly fast. The pellets will last all day and the canned Mackerel will last most of the day. The cat food is the only item that needs frequent replacing.

I have recommended this concoction to many shrimp anglers and they find that it works quite well. Some anglers will just use the pellets; other anglers will use only the canned Mackerel. Use it all to set up that scent trail.

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