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Image by Brandon Hoogenboom

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Welcome to our local social page! Here you can find everything ELSE that we are bringing to the community. Local outdoor news, blog posts, how-to's, the next best camping recipes, and more! 

What's New?

There has been an increase in firearm transfer fees! This is due to new fees and system upgrades by the state for background checks. Our fee for transfers is now $70. 


On Orcas Island, where the mountains meet the sea,

There's a store with fishing and hunting gear,  to see.

Owned by Misty and Kaleena, a dynamic pair,

Eastsound Sporting Goods is a place beyond compare!


In their charming little shop, so cozy and neat,

You'll find fishing rods and lures, all truly elite.

Kaleena, with her waders and a fishing hat on top,

Will help you pick the best gear, and she'll never stop.


Misty, with her camo jacket and a knowing smile,

Will guide you to the hunting section in a lively style.

They both love the great outdoors, it's plain to see,

And they'll make sure your adventures are filled with glee.


In the fishing aisle, there's a tackle box so bright,

With shiny hooks and baits that fish just can't fight.

Misty says, "Cast your line into the deep blue,

You'll catch a big one, I promise, it's true!"


Kaleena, in the hunting corner, points with grace,

To rifles and gear for a thrilling forest chase.

"Follow the tracks, with stealth and care,

In the woods of Orcas, you'll find adventure rare."


But it's not just the gear that makes their store swell,

It's the stories they tell, oh, they tell them so well!

Of epic fishing trips and the deer that they've seen,

In their magical world, everything's like a dream.


With Misty and Kaleena, the adventure won't end,

They'll be your guides, your partners, your friends.

So if you're on Orcas Island, make sure to swing by,

Eastsound Sporting Goods, where the sky meets the sky!





Not only do we try to stock everything you might need for your next outdoor excursion, we also try to outfit gifts, snacks, and sweet treats for all weather and occasions.

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