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Store Policies

Eastsound Sporting Goods Firearm Transfer Policy

 1: It is your responsibility to understand the paperwork process, transfer protocol and our policy here at Eastsound Sporting Goods BEFORE you have any firearm shipped to us.  We have the right to refuse any shipment at any given time and or return to sender. Please visit for more info. 


2: Our fee for transfer is $50 per serial number. Keep in mind this does not include WA state sales tax which will need to be paid in full at pickup. 

3: A licensed dealer may request a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL) at  


For our own protection, we will NOT give out a copy of our FFL to a private party.  However, we will gladly forward a copy (email) to an FFL holder that requests this information prior to shipping. You do NOT need a signed hard-copy of our FFL in order to ship to us, as per the ATF. 

4: In regards to Private party transfers please visit  for more detailed information. The paperwork required is the same as if you were buying a new firearm. Typical background checks and waiting periods will apply. We do require a copy of a valid photo identification from seller. This information will be recorded in our log book along with buyer information. 

Please note *Private Party Firearms will NEVER be retained on premise here at Eastsound Sporting Goods. 

5:  We reserve the right to refuse service at any given time for any given reason. 


Please contact us before initiating a transfer, to ensure compliance of all State and Federal laws.


Shipping address:

274 A st.

Eastsound WA 98245


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