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9 Best hiking podcasts for 2023

Some of you want to be one with nature and listen to everything in your surroundings while hiking, while others would like a little extra sound in their ears - especially if hiking alone. We did some research and here is the most important round up of hiking podcasts to listen to both on or off the trail. Buckle up!

  1. Trails worth hiking

  2. In a tent with a Frenchman

  3. 10 Adventures

  4. Wanderwoman

  5. Wild Ideas Worth Living

  6. Outside Magazine

  7. Blissful Hiker

  8. Training or Trekking

  9. The Adventure Podcast

All of these podcasts explore not only the trail when you're on it, but also home life and planning your next adventure with a little bit of help. As always, we try not to be biased and hope to hear your reaction to some if not all of these goodies!

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