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Best Outdoor adventure gear! (That can be found in our store)

So you're getting ready for your next big outdoor trip. Are you camping? Are you hunting? Is it a family trip, or a solo expedition? Either way, we have everything you need to get that packing list started, including the list itself! Check it out below.

- MountainSmith Lariat 55 WSD backpack (WSD - women specifically designed, or in general a smaller torso of 15 – 20 in (38 – 51 cm)

Detachable 8 L summit pack.

Very strong Cordura fabric.

Roll-top closure.

Large U-shaped zipper access.

Adjustable suspension.

TuningFork waist belt frame sheet.

Velcro adjustable waist belt.

- A Cedar Ridge Rimrock 2 tent (larger capacity tents available in store)

These tents are some of our favorites for a few simple reasons - they are light, durable and are a bit taller than the average 2 person tent. They are known to be freestanding in most all terrains and also don't need to be staked down in most cases.

- Water Bottle

- Food (we suggest dehydrated food packs or jerky - we got a lot of jerky!)

- Multi-tool (we have various options in store)

- Cooking supplies + utensils

We have the perfect outdoor cookware set including utensils. Strong and durable, we take the classic look and feel of good old fashioned camp cookware and make it accessible!

- Flashlight

- First Aid Kit

- A light tarp for unexpected (or expected rain)

- Matches

- Map

- Phone Charger (just in case)

This is a very minimal list of camping supplies and we always suggest doing your own research related to your specific adventure.

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